Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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Bye Bye Little Home on wheels

In September we said Goodbye to our mobile home. We debated for a while whether we should keep it and put it in the field, or convert it into a shower block but basically when someone asked us if it was for sale, we thought best to sell it as it was already deteriorating fast.
So fairwell little home, you served your purpose!


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“Convoi Exceptionnel”

While we’re restoring the house, we chose to buy a Mobile home. Just somewhere to get away from the building site. We’ve renamed it ‘Le bungalow’. Sounds a lot more exotic.
Again we had to clear the ground and then it arrived all the way from the coast of Dover. Quite something for the little sleepy villagers. 😉


It will go there. (let’s hope it fits…)


IMG_0883 IMG_0884


Home Sweet Home for the next xx months!