Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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This summer Saf took up face painting

Saf is doing very well with anything creative and she fancied herself as a face painting artist this summer. She wasn’t able to advertise her services but she hopes to do it next summer.
To all our 2017 visitors, be ready for a make over.



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When in Rome

Do as the Romans do so in Lorraine we partake in Lorraine’s traditions. This means celebrating the Saint Nicholas on the 5th of December. Saint Nicholas brings sweets to good children while the Pere Fouetard give them sticks. 😉
So after school on the friday, we follow them through the streets to the village hall, where there is a show organised for the children. Rhys ended up on stage!
IMG_5766 IMG_5768
And the kids took part in a creativity contest on Saint Nicholas. Saffron won her category with her bottle-Saint-Nicholas. Rhys made a kite one.
IMG_5429 IMG_5430

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We got creative and decorated the chimney

We tackled some of my crazy ideas on the chimney. I wanted to try mosaic so we bought some mosaic squares. However it would have been well too easy to apply the squares as they came and instead I decided to cut them and created a nightmare of a puzzle.
‘Hi Five’ to my awesomely patient husband for agreeing to it and well…..applying it to the chimney.
I love the result.
IMG_3416 IMG_3418
IMG_3625 IMG_3631
IMG_3635 IMG_3638
Matt repurposed the wood from an old bed for the bottom part of the chimney.
He cleaned and painted the sides of the chimney, grouted the mosaic and finished off with painted trims.
IMG_3586 DSCF3753
IMG_3588 DSCF3746
IMG_5467 IMG_5502
Et voila! 😉