Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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In September we got the rest of the roof done


To be honest we were still a little hesitant as to whether or not we should go ahead and get the front of the house’s roof done or just wait a little longer; especially since this was going to swallow the rest of our savings.
But as we were still pondering I received a phone call and the decision was kind of made for us, as a few days later they turned up and started working in bright sunshine.
What a difference from the weather we had the previous year.
They cracked on and we enjoyed this time the few days we had with an open roof as the weather was damn fine. And within 2 weeks it was all done.
I must say that we are very very please with the finishing and we are now happy and safe for many many years.

From that:
To that:

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Bye Bye Little Home on wheels

In September we said Goodbye to our mobile home. We debated for a while whether we should keep it and put it in the field, or convert it into a shower block but basically when someone asked us if it was for sale, we thought best to sell it as it was already deteriorating fast.
So fairwell little home, you served your purpose!

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Pétanque: National Sport in France

We can finally partake in the French national hobby! We found some petanque bowls at a vide grenier. We played quite a lot at the back of the house until we laid the tarmac and Hourray a proper track to play Petanque!
So Apero-Petanque Now Avaible @ Chez Randles! Summer 2017 is going to be great!
We also added a few improvements at the back of the house. The lights are amazing and give out such a festive atmosphere.


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Day trips in les Vosges with friends in the Summer

We were lucky to enjoy some lovely sunny days with our friends and discovered some lovely places to visit. This area has so much to offer and there’s some lovely sites just around the corner. From vide greniers, food festivals, farms and animals and also Vittel’s lovely park to Langres : “the most beautiful fortified Town in France’, some great sculptures,  and aquatic park, and a’total wipe out’ playground fun on a lake!


img_0329 img_0461

img_0456 img_0571