Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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In September we got the rest of the roof done


To be honest we were still a little hesitant as to whether or not we should go ahead and get the front of the house’s roof done or just wait a little longer; especially since this was going to swallow the rest of our savings.
But as we were still pondering I received a phone call and the decision was kind of made for us, as a few days later they turned up and started working in bright sunshine.
What a difference from the weather we had the previous year.
They cracked on and we enjoyed this time the few days we had with an open roof as the weather was damn fine. And within 2 weeks it was all done.
I must say that we are very very please with the finishing and we are now happy and safe for many many years.

From that:
To that:


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This summer Saf took up face painting

Saf is doing very well with anything creative and she fancied herself as a face painting artist this summer. She wasn’t able to advertise her services but she hopes to do it next summer.
To all our 2017 visitors, be ready for a make over.


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Day trips in les Vosges with friends in the Summer

We were lucky to enjoy some lovely sunny days with our friends and discovered some lovely places to visit. This area has so much to offer and there’s some lovely sites just around the corner. From vide greniers, food festivals, farms and animals and also Vittel’s lovely park to Langres : “the most beautiful fortified Town in France’, some great sculptures,  and aquatic park, and a’total wipe out’ playground fun on a lake!


img_0329 img_0461

img_0456 img_0571




We went fruit picking this summer

With the visit of our friends Nat & Tom from Brittany, we discovered some new places to go fruit picking and absolutely loved it. We enjoyed the ‘Myrtilles des Vosges’ and some strawberries and some berries.
Since then I have also discovered another farm nearby with some delicious apples.
Until we have enough fruit trees in our field, it’s great to be able to go and pick some up nearby.
Fruit picking is such an enjoyable activity.

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The end of Primary School

When the kids finish primary school they receive a…….dictionary! This made me laugh as it couldn’t more different than in the UK, with proms and dressing up and messing about. ~Nop, none of that here…It’s all about Education! Why so freaking serious!!!
Still she looks pretty happy….and they (we!?!) did do an end of year dance routine (hence the face paint) and there were some laughters around.

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Quick update on Spring 2016

So let’s go back to April, May & June 2016 and see what we got up to during those month…in pictures.

These two became great buddies!



And them sleeping in the sofa together became a regular feature.
We celebrated Saffron’s birthday. 11. She had a party in the mobile home with her besties.

We started our daily trips to the wood to cut our allocated wood.

Cooper loves it, Matt loves it and even the kids enjoyed the odd trips to the wood!

We made some bonfires and attempted to clear more of the garden….

My car broke down and Matt had to come and rescue me. (could have been a lot worth…at least he can fix it!)

Saf improved her karaoke skills and started cooking us some yummy diners like ‘leek quiche’!

Matt turned the earth to get the ‘potager’ ready….and I asked for a second one! hahaha next year I’d like a third one!

We found some tadpoles eggs and put them in the garden bath….unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Still it is life and we learn from experiences.

Cooper got accustomed to more animals: Charly and Buster (with the sun coming out so did they) and the local cows.

And we got 4 ducks! They started out living in the barn (as it was so cold and they were just a few weeks old) then they moved to a small enclosure, then we upgraded them and so on….(1 femelle and 3 males…)

We also had some great sunny days in May this year.