Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

About us

We’re a family of 4. Matt, a Brit now expat in Les Vosges, me, Mu, originally from Brittany, I spent the last 20 years in the UK. And our 2 little buddies Saffron (9) & Rhys (7) who are adapting very quickly to our new life in France.

Matt, was a vehicle technician by trade. A Renault Technical Expert, who went solo a couple of years ago and has been helping a lot of people in the racing industry as well as in Pembury, our last village. And it looks like he’s already worked his magic in Mont-les-Lamarche.

I have worked in Travel, in Publishing & Advertising and before leaving the UK, I was studio manager in a lovely Packaging Design Company ‘JDO’ in Tunbridge Wells.

In January 2014, Matt stumbled across the sales description for the house on Pierres-Lorraines. We were not looking to move but couldn’t help thinking ‘let’s just enquire’…. “Like an itch you have to scratch”

Our new adventure takes us outside our comfort zone and our areas of expertise and that’s exactly what we wanted from our next challenge! 😉

This blog follows what happens next; all our ups and downs.

Happy reading.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. WAO, pretty idyllic but surely very hard work too! I have to say I loved every minutes spent reading your blog… so refreshing from where I stand (well sit, in the shop, City of London).
    The house/barn has clearly lots of potential and the views… …
    Also really happy to hear that the kids are settling down fine at l’Ecole de la Republique! it is clearly a change. Well I wish you all the best with the work and hope to see you guys very soon to try your lovely confiture and goutte!

    Big hug,
    Steph x

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