Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

We went fruit picking this summer


With the visit of our friends Nat & Tom from Brittany, we discovered some new places to go fruit picking and absolutely loved it. We enjoyed the ‘Myrtilles des Vosges’ and some strawberries and some berries.
Since then I have also discovered another farm nearby with some delicious apples.
Until we have enough fruit trees in our field, it’s great to be able to go and pick some up nearby.
Fruit picking is such an enjoyable activity.


2 thoughts on “We went fruit picking this summer

  1. Do you have the freezing weather that we have here at the moment…..??
    Lovely photos!!
    Phil and Ginny


    • Yes we do! The kids are having fun ice skating on the duck pond! lol It’s just above freezing during the day and going down to -6 at night. Still with both fires going we’re keeping warm in the house. The heat from the fires is addictive and so lovely. It make the house so cosy and nice for xmas. Looking forward to that time of year. It’s a really chilled event here. Wishing you guys a lovely xmas too! xxx


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