Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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Breakfast in the Sunshine

Me and my gorgeous lad having brekky in the morning sun.




We went fruit picking this summer

With the visit of our friends Nat & Tom from Brittany, we discovered some new places to go fruit picking and absolutely loved it. We enjoyed the ‘Myrtilles des Vosges’ and some strawberries and some berries.
Since then I have also discovered another farm nearby with some delicious apples.
Until we have enough fruit trees in our field, it’s great to be able to go and pick some up nearby.
Fruit picking is such an enjoyable activity.

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When your life becomes Your ‘ordinaire’…

I have not updated my blog for a couple of month. It isn’t because nothing has happened as there are always stuff I could talk about, I think it’s mainly because after 2 years of being here what started out as an adventure as now become our ordinary. 

I don’t mean this in a negative kind of way as there are many things we love here. I guess it’s just that talking about our daily life feels a little un-extraordinary. We have found our happy daily routine and are just getting on with it. We are slowly forgetting our pre-France life.

I also used to blog in the evening during the winter month but now we’re still outside in the garden at 9.30pm in the potager, with the dog or the ducks…

Still this blog makes for a great family journal so I shall try to keep at it in a more bit size maner, which should be more manageable.


The Potager in the Summer

I have really enjoyed spending most of my time at the back of the house, with the dog pottering around or chasing the cat, the rabbits lounging in the sun and the addition of the ducks quacking around….Looking forward to a few more additions next year! 😉
I managed to get the kids, especially Saf involved in the harvesting of the vegs. I guess what’s not to like about picking up raspberries, strawberries or digging up spuds!





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This July we headed East

We went to the Vendée for our summer holiday. It was a great break and we really enjoyed seeing family and friends but it is a pretty long way….and the seaside is started to feel a little overrated. We might just chill near a lake for our next hols.
Still our super dupper tent was Ace, Cooper was awesome again. Many funny stories to tell after our stay there.
There was a Kite festival taking place at the same time in the resort so we enjoyed seeing all the kites and of course we got some for the kids and they flew them.
We’re lucky that they have been able to fly them in the field here as well.