Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

We built a home for our ducks


Our 4 new friends grew to their full adult size within 6 weeks, which meant that they outgrew their little enclosure very quickly. We needed to build them a new home. With the help of the ‘Bros’ (Jessy and Guillaume), we put together a little cabin and a nice pad!

Happy ducks!

img_0063 img_0074
As Jessy had the manitou and was in the mood for some digging, he helped us move the stone and gave the kids a few turns in it. They loved it. Who needs fun fairs when there are Manitou around!


2 thoughts on “We built a home for our ducks

  1. How is it going with your ducks? We have ducks, and one pet duck, Maggie. A handful, but we love her. We plan to build a chicken/duck enclosure this winter as their existing houses are starting to rot. The new house will incorporate a run as well with running water to keep the duck pond clean (we hope). Can’t wait to begin!

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    • Well looks like we have the same issues! Their home will probably only last a winter (so wet in Les Vosges) but we have loads of pallets so that’s not too bad. The pond is properly mucky. They love it but the 2 white ducks are grey some days! So we fill the old cat litter with fresh water every day.
      We’re planning to get some chickens in the new year too, probably just 3. So we need to build them a home. And the kids would love to try and hatch some ducks eggs in Spring. (with 3 males around surely some must have been fertilised!). So loads to do too but all fun.
      Look forward to reading about your progress!

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