Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

We worked on a couple of things (whilst these two, well…slept)

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Spring does feel like a long time ago, especially as it is now Autumn. Looking back at the photographs I can see that in between trips to the Forest, we managed to do a few DIY jobs and we were still clearing the grounds from the storm of sep 2015. (We still have some more clearing to do…)
Most of the work in the bathroom is done (we just need to build some cupboards). As with everything, well problems appeared. Because it is not insulated, the condensation is terrible, which made the paint flakes! Arrgg. So more work…more tiling but it is not sorted.
I restored the old pharmacy cupboard and painted it yellow!

We finally started tiling the floor (18 month after purchasing the tiles, which everyone thought they were pizza boxes) – So no more pizza boxes in the corner Yay!
First of all we had to removed the linoleum, which had been glued on. This took a few days of scrapping and destroyed our fingers. (Cooper and Rhys helped)
Then Matt did the whole tiling and cutting and fitting and then we spent 4 days grouting. Such a tedious job. But it is done now!

Matt finished the wood panelling around the room.


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