Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Walking keeps you healthy … and happy


I wanted to write a post about how lucky i feel at the moment to be able to take walks in this peaceful surrounding.

My work might not always allow me to walk most mornings like this, so I make sure i appreciate it.

 I have always loved walking but on many occasions things got in the way and I never quite made enough time for daily walks. 

Having Cooper now means that we have to walk him a couple of times a day and we love it. We haven’t felt this as a chore more like an opportunity. – that said when it’s freezing & pouring down with rain : it’s a short one 🙂Edit

It means taking some time out off our ‘must-do schedule’ to clear our heads, to talk and to enjoy some time with Cooper ….and well sometimes Flint. He actually came with us on the walk the other morning (over 3 miles). I was gutted I didn’t have my phone to take a photo as taking a dog & a cat for a walk together is a pretty unusual sight. Here is Cooper instead.  

So whatever you’re doing, remember from time to time to ‘make time’ & just take a walk.

You’ll feel ready for anything afterwards.


5 thoughts on “Walking keeps you healthy … and happy

  1. Cooper is such a cutie! Bless him x


  2. We so agree! Having animals makes such a difference, giving you time (whether you want it or not). I have to open up our chicken, duck and rabbits houses every day, and then put them to bed at night. Our pet cat, Gigi, and duck, Maggie, walk down with me each morning. Maggie has take a great interest in one of our male ducks so is even more keen these days to get out of the house and down to see her beau. If Gigi isn’t waking me at 6am, Maggie is letting me know it is time to let the others out by 7am. Early to bed and early to rise…


    • Hi! I have loved reading your blog posts especially about Maggie. We want to get a couple of chicken & ducks later on. Following the storm and our broken roof we still have loads to clear at the back before it’s ready to accommodate them.
      Yep early to bed, early to rise. The bells’ring at 7 is Cooper’s alarm. 🙂

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      • I still walk every morning even though I don’t have Lottie good exercise for the knee . We have just lost another one from the group. A Lab😰


      • Hi Keith, sad times when pets died. They’re not with us very long so their life must be filled with fun & joy even more. Glad you’re still walking. xx


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