Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'


Walking keeps you healthy … and happy

I wanted to write a post about how lucky i feel at the moment to be able to take walks in this peaceful surrounding.

My work might not always allow me to walk most mornings like this, so I make sure i appreciate it.

 I have always loved walking but on many occasions things got in the way and I never quite made enough time for daily walks. 

Having Cooper now means that we have to walk him a couple of times a day and we love it. We haven’t felt this as a chore more like an opportunity. – that said when it’s freezing & pouring down with rain : it’s a short one 🙂Edit

It means taking some time out off our ‘must-do schedule’ to clear our heads, to talk and to enjoy some time with Cooper ….and well sometimes Flint. He actually came with us on the walk the other morning (over 3 miles). I was gutted I didn’t have my phone to take a photo as taking a dog & a cat for a walk together is a pretty unusual sight. Here is Cooper instead.  

So whatever you’re doing, remember from time to time to ‘make time’ & just take a walk.

You’ll feel ready for anything afterwards.