Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Us the last few weeks

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Change is always good.(for me anyway) And I am running out of things to change…lol
So I changed my hair: it’s a little bit ‘punkish’ for the peeps here but a few weeks on and everyone’s got used to it and i love it!
IMG_6094 IMG_6169

Rhys is now paying attention to his look and enjoys a little hair gel before going to school.

Matt has always refused to wear some slippers but a friend lended him these and he actually enjoys wearing them! haha clogg-er!
We ate a few galettes des rois and unfortunately for Saf, Matt kept being crowned ‘King of the day’.


Our gorgeous Cooper kept getting a comb-over so we taped his ear but it came back…So i tried this but apart from getting Matt into a fit of laughters it didn’t do anything. back to tape and now his ear is actually in the right place.

Matt tried to re-create this pose just a month later. he looks ridiculous!

And here’s a rare family portrait just before going for a meal at the casino of Contrexeville. (present from friends)
And my gorgeous kids! lol


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