Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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Dead Wood: A project for this summer

We took a couple of breaks from decorating just to get some fresh air and we started clearing the top of the field: an area we have called Dead Wood.
I can not wait to get that done, as there’s so much potential for a fun climbing/hiding area for kids and grown ups to play. Volunteers to come and help clear the area are welcome!

We also finally cleared the barn and started moving thing around to get the garage cleared for Matt to start his business soon.


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We got the kids working during their holidays

So it was the February holidays. The weather was terrible, just wet and cold. We didn’t have enough money to go away and even if we did Cooper was still too little to stay somewhere. Finally I had time to crack on with some D.I.Y and give our little home a ‘homely’ feel.
Brilliant! So it’s always challenging doing some decorating with your other half…Not always the same way of doing things, the same vision or expectation ect… Matt is fairly perfectionist and doesn’t mind if the job requires hours, days or month. I, on the other end, just like to get things done (even if it means cutting corners or dare I say it Bodging it!!!)Yay the French are awesome are bodging stuff so i feel at home here now. 😉
Our house was never meant to become some kind of show house so a little bodging there and there and everywhere won’t hurt. Well it will hurt Matt so we won’t bodge too much.
I also want to recup and reuse as much stuff as possible and it really doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look perfect. For me it looks real!
So we’re working on some compromises….Add to this the kids, who always like to get involved. Some days it worked and others it was just dreadful. Add to this a dog and a cat who love playing chase!
Happy D.I.Y!

In the bathroom, we have reused the old tiles. This has meant lot of preparation, soaking them and taking the old plaster off but it is worth it.
My bodging has meant that the paint is not sticking to one of the wall so we have a new plan for above the sink!
The original plan was to insulated the outside of the bathroom before decorating but as always I wanted to get on with it. I know that in the long run, this will mean we’ll have to redecorate/repaint some walls but the building-site looks is kind of boring after a while.

Then i painted the utility and gave the tiles a little make over. (bye bye avocado green)

Then I moved on to the lounge and started painting the ceiling….Then we ran out of paint and couldn’t find the same one again, settled for a different one, argued it was going to look really s***, painted for hours…..went to bed, woke up, finished it and actually felt happy with the end result.


Then, well I just wanted the whole room done, so we painted the chimney, got the tiles off the walls, went to the shop and bought some wallpaper and some wood and some really crap adhesive….(‘Colle tout’ was the best but they decided to replace it with ‘Fix all’ which isn’t as good. lol)

We are not completely done but we’re getting there.

The kids have also enjoyed making breads. They are getting really good at it.
Saf has also been making a house for her doll. I love her creativity.


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Matt has been given a ‘New’ restoration Project

Matt has been talking about getting a tractor for like……Ever! Now he has ONE! Hourray.
After working his magic, he got it to start!
Not sure he’ll be able to bring the wood from the forest with it (haha) but it seems to make him happy and he’s also planning some kind of tractors’race in the field when the ground dries up. Should be fun.
The kids are enjoying being able to drive. A nice first step into driving. I also had a go and i must say it was really fun.



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So we picked our ‘affouage’

We now need to go and cut our allocated wood. We have a parcel with oak in one forest and a few random beech trees in various parcels on the mountain. The oak should be cut by mid-april but hunting is still going on and has been extended ’til the end of february and the weather is just too wet so well let’s see how we get on this year. At least we’re starting now.
When we went to locate our parcel, the weather was pretty wet….we got stuck! 😉
Had to call on friends to come and give us a push! lol
So when the weather permits I take the kids and Cooper and we go and give Matt a hand in the wood on Saturday mornings. (hunting isn’t allowed on saturdays)


Otherwise we go during the week.
Matt in the mist…

And we also got help from Cooper….


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Us the last few weeks

Change is always good.(for me anyway) And I am running out of things to change…lol
So I changed my hair: it’s a little bit ‘punkish’ for the peeps here but a few weeks on and everyone’s got used to it and i love it!
IMG_6094 IMG_6169

Rhys is now paying attention to his look and enjoys a little hair gel before going to school.

Matt has always refused to wear some slippers but a friend lended him these and he actually enjoys wearing them! haha clogg-er!
We ate a few galettes des rois and unfortunately for Saf, Matt kept being crowned ‘King of the day’.


Our gorgeous Cooper kept getting a comb-over so we taped his ear but it came back…So i tried this but apart from getting Matt into a fit of laughters it didn’t do anything. back to tape and now his ear is actually in the right place.

Matt tried to re-create this pose just a month later. he looks ridiculous!

And here’s a rare family portrait just before going for a meal at the casino of Contrexeville. (present from friends)
And my gorgeous kids! lol

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It got a little colder

I believe that this area just looks amazing, in a very raw kind of way. Don’t get me wrong, we are in an agricultural village so there’s a lot of crap laying around and some people don’t take any pride in their property but somehow when the light is right, this place just does the job for me!


The kids were able to make a snowman, which is always a happy achievement!