Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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When the sun is shining we just have to be outside

The weather was so warm and lovely during the Xmas break that we spent a lot of our time outside with Cooper…..and Flint. He also come with us on the walks which kind of make them interesting …or annoying!! Dog chasing cat up trees…repeat….repeat….




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The Christmas Holiday in Mont-les-lamarche

We celebrated Christmas in the Village Hall, with a lovely father Christmas ( Eric our neighbour was happy to do it), great music (from Olivier) and tasty waffles from the lovely old ladies. 😉



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Pets Pets Pets…and more Pets

So our lovely rabbits Charlie and Buster are still doing well and enjoying their time in France. They got to enjoy the Xmas sun!

We now have Flint and Cooper. So the cat kind of was winning over the pup the first few weeks then the fight was more even and now well they have a love/hate relationship. Cooper constantly wants to lick Flint, who gets annoyed at times. Cooper has quite a few scars to prove it. Still he won’t leave the cat alone.
And during the Xmas break Saffron brought home the class’s stick insects. lol



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On the House Front in December

Matt finished the step to the barn on the first floor. I think it looks brilliant and I am looking forward to doing the stone wall like the one in the kitchen. We are making use of the spare beams we now have.


We cleared more of the back as the weather was so warm. It is such a massive task…..little by little.


Matt installed a water softener.