Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Let’s enjoy the Christmas Spirit

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What better way to be getting into the Xmas Spirit than to go to a Xmas market. So with our friends Heliena and Olivier we headed to the Marche de Noel de Montbeliard, a couple of hours away in Franche Comte. It was worth the drive. A wonderful day out for all of us. 😉
Scotland was the guest of honour, so we bought some cheddar! yay and Matt and the kids had fish and chips for diner!

DSCF4390 DSCF4393 DSCF4395 DSCF4397 DSCF4399 DSCF4401 DSCF4403 DSCF4405 DSCF4406 DSCF4407 DSCF4409 DSCF4415 DSCF4412 DSCF4416 DSCF4417 DSCF4418 DSCF4420 DSCF4421 DSCF4422 DSCF4423
DSCF4426 DSCF4429 DSCF4430


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