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Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

On the house front

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You might be wondering if we’ve finished renovating our house since most of my posts are about everything but works on the house. Fear not (lol) there should be a lot more work on the house related posts in the new year. (Should!!!) However at the moment we’re just appreciating what we’ve got, especially after spending 8 month in the mobile home and living a fairly chilled life….Vosgien Style. ūüėČ
Still Matt added a few little improvements to the house. He affixed new planks above the garage. Well we have tonnes of them.
He started building the heating system. This involved a lot of drilling through the walls.
IMG_5601 IMG_5603
He added the plaster boards, the fan and the towel heater in the bathroom so even if it’s not finished, it is at least a lot more comfortable. It now needs painting and tiling….
IMG_5392 IMG_5481 IMG_5799 IMG_5800
He also¬†went¬†to Alsace to get a SMEG Fridge and he had to carry¬†a¬†dresser down by himself from the 4th floor of apartment block ….just for me. ūüėČ Thanks Matt!
IMG_5801 IMG_5803


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