Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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In December, The Randle’s family got bigger

Cooper, our lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback came home on 15th December. Since then he just hasn’t stopped growing. (lol)








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Let’s enjoy the Christmas Spirit

What better way to be getting into the Xmas Spirit than to go to a Xmas market. So with our friends Heliena and Olivier we headed to the Marche de Noel de Montbeliard, a couple of hours away in Franche Comte. It was worth the drive. A wonderful day out for all of us. 😉
Scotland was the guest of honour, so we bought some cheddar! yay and Matt and the kids had fish and chips for diner!

DSCF4390 DSCF4393 DSCF4395 DSCF4397 DSCF4399 DSCF4401 DSCF4403 DSCF4405 DSCF4406 DSCF4407 DSCF4409 DSCF4415 DSCF4412 DSCF4416 DSCF4417 DSCF4418 DSCF4420 DSCF4421 DSCF4422 DSCF4423
DSCF4426 DSCF4429 DSCF4430

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On the house front

You might be wondering if we’ve finished renovating our house since most of my posts are about everything but works on the house. Fear not (lol) there should be a lot more work on the house related posts in the new year. (Should!!!) However at the moment we’re just appreciating what we’ve got, especially after spending 8 month in the mobile home and living a fairly chilled life….Vosgien Style. 😉
Still Matt added a few little improvements to the house. He affixed new planks above the garage. Well we have tonnes of them.
He started building the heating system. This involved a lot of drilling through the walls.
IMG_5601 IMG_5603
He added the plaster boards, the fan and the towel heater in the bathroom so even if it’s not finished, it is at least a lot more comfortable. It now needs painting and tiling….
IMG_5392 IMG_5481 IMG_5799 IMG_5800
He also went to Alsace to get a SMEG Fridge and he had to carry a dresser down by himself from the 4th floor of apartment block ….just for me. 😉 Thanks Matt!
IMG_5801 IMG_5803

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When in Rome

Do as the Romans do so in Lorraine we partake in Lorraine’s traditions. This means celebrating the Saint Nicholas on the 5th of December. Saint Nicholas brings sweets to good children while the Pere Fouetard give them sticks. 😉
So after school on the friday, we follow them through the streets to the village hall, where there is a show organised for the children. Rhys ended up on stage!
IMG_5766 IMG_5768
And the kids took part in a creativity contest on Saint Nicholas. Saffron won her category with her bottle-Saint-Nicholas. Rhys made a kite one.
IMG_5429 IMG_5430

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In November and December we…

prepared the vegetable patch ready for next year under the watchful eye of Flint!
IMG_5613 IMG_5587
IMG_5584 DSCF4336
celebrated Matt’s birthday : Vosgien/British style, with a party which included Pop up Pirate game with forfeits and a Bruleau (boozed soaked fruits flambe!)… He received a few….beer orientated presents. I wonder why?
IMG_5695 IMG_5696IMG_5724 IMG_5720 IMG_5726
celebrated Halloweeeeen and the kids went round the village to pick up too many sweets.
French dentists have to be the wealthiest in the world with the amount of sweets the kids eat here!
IMG_5554 IMG_5598 IMG_5595 IMG_5567 IMG_5557 IMG_5579 IMG_5577

made our own advent calendriers. Well the kids did.
enjoyed ONE day of snow and survived a few freezing days of sub zero temperatures. (Thanks God we’re not in the mobile home anymore!!)
IMG_5732 IMG_5728