Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

The roof is back on…this meant more clearing or digging!

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So after weeks of dealing with the insurances and just 2 weeks of work we had a nice new roof.
IMG_5483 IMG_5614
From this to that.
IMG_5550 IMG_5662
It now actually feels very dark in the barn and we strangely missed the open sky at first…well maybe we will put some velux later on.

Once the roofers had finished their work, it was our turn to start clearing the back of the house and the field (still an on-going process…). They added an additional down pipe to the roof, which meant redoing the drains! So more digging for Matt but this time he had some proper tools : A mini digger!!
What a difference a year make, and being able to call on friends to borrow their equipment. Again this is all part of living in a very small village and it is enjoyable.
IMG_5588 IMG_5589
Matt’s happy dance : he’s just about to go and do some digging 😉
IMG_5637 IMG_5638
Last year’s digging and this year’s digging!
Then one sunday morning Tony dropped by and helped Matt finishing it off! Which meant Matt could do some more …..(yep) digging! He dug the whole back of the garden and then the ‘rat’s castle and now wants to dig the stumps in the field! (new addiction!! Boys and Toys, hey)
As to the clearing of the woods, well we had a bonfire of course!
IMG_5625 IMG_5562 IMG_5566 IMG_5626
Then Paul, a neighbour came round and took the rest of the rubbles away! Result.


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