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Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

The Best of June: Our Bonfire for ‘La St Jean’

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When I suggested months ago that we should organise a Bonfire for ‘La St jean’, little did I know that I would end up joining the social committee of the Village and get a real buzz from organising events.
So Matt went round the village on the Quad with the kids and delivered this little beauty! lol
Screen shot 2015-07-08 at 21.34.38
Then we had to wait and see if anyone would actually be interested. We knew our close neighbours and friends would come but we had no real idea how the rest of the villagers would react to some new comers organising a Bonfire.
But the bookings came and more than 80 people replied that they would love to come and some had wood to burn.
So the night before we started building the fire. (Next year we’ll be more adventurous and create a real structure).
IMG_4713 IMG_4714 IMG_4715
On the day we cleared an area of the field and every one just helped out with the lights, the tables, the BBQ…
IMG_4721 IMG_4718 IMG_4717
We added the finishing touch.
IMG_4716 IMG_4726 IMG_4729 IMG_4731
Before you ask: No, he didn’t have a name. It was just that someone dropped a chair so it seemed fit to make a puppet to sit on it.
IMG_4727 IMG_4725
The village hose: just in case.
People started arriving and the party started!
DSCF4043 DSCF4044
Our home made barbecues.
DSCF4048 DSCF4046
Our awesome DJ.
DSCF4050 IMG_4734
The Maire was at a music festival so he dropped off a saucisson for the party before going. He also popped round on his return around 2am.
Then Matt lit the fire.
DSCF4052 DSCF4053 DSCF4056 DSCF4057
DSCF4058 DSCF4070
DSCF4063 DSCF4068
The Vosgien’s standing position.lol
DSCF4072 DSCF4077
We danced the konga, la queuleuleu and sang lots of French songs on the karaoke. Matt and I even sang ‘Heal the World’. Hahaha so much fun.
In the end more than 100 people turned up, a small crowd stayed up ’til 3am.
There wasn’t that much to clean up and tidy the following day. Again some people turned up to help out and the fire went on to burn for a further 4 days!!
Bring on the next event! 😉


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