Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'


We went to the UK and slept in a Teepee

It was Matt’s dads 80th birthday on 7th June so we went back to the UK for a very speedy-weekend. It was slightly strange as we hadn’t gone back since last August. It was lovely to see family and friends but moreover it was lovely to come back. Home sweet home is truly here now. 😉
IMG_4549 IMG_4550 IMG_4551 IMG_4552 IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4559 IMG_4569 IMG_4557 IMG_4560 IMG_4563 IMG_4570 IMG_5795


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We needed a new door frame

When the builders made the doorway higher they obviously removed the door. So we needed to build something to replace the material. We have a lot of old oak beams laying around so we used some of them and have started to make ‘rustic’ looking door frames.
IMG_4086 IMG_4471 IMG_4475 IMG_4472 DSCF4018 DSCF4030
Still a lot of work to do but we like how it’s going to look. Furthermore spending as little as possible is what this all project is all about. Upcycling and Repurposing all the way.

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The backroom’s make over has started

The first job was to take off the old wood flooring. Needless to say that it was the perfect job for ‘Wreck-It Randle’ and he loved it!!!
IMG_4393 IMG_4397 IMG_4402 IMG_4415
Rhys also helped out.
IMG_4419 IMG_4420 IMG_4457 IMG_4459
Striking some poses. 😉
IMG_4460 IMG_4502
Just as well we’re planning a MASSIVE bonfire soon!
Then our happy chaps came back and did the floor. So we moved into one room for a few days. it almost felt like being back in the mobile home. lol
IMG_4492 IMG_4470
The floor in the kitchen isn’t level and when we told them that it was okay, we’d got used to it and didn’t plan on getting it levelled, they looked at us in a strange way…Guess we are a little strange but we love this house because it is quirky so it’s a bit pointless rectifying all of its quirkiness!
IMG_4480 IMG_4477
They also took out the beam above the window as it was…well just take a look…pretty rotten!
IMG_4500 IMG_4481
IMG_4495 DSCF4016
The kids can now use that room as a play room. We’ve moved the ping pong table in it as well. So next the window, the walls and the ceiling, oh and also trying to remove this humongous radiator and taking it to the metal dealer….

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May in a nutshell

May 2015 kind of came and went. We’re already well into June.
The days are so filled, it’s a real treat to live here and appreciate the seasons.
We had some lovely visitors. This lot! And we’re already looking forward to their next visit. 😉
IMG_4313 IMG_4311

We had an ‘ANT-POCALYPSE’ but managed to get rid of them. Hundreds of dead little bodies to hoover up every morning….nice!
IMG_4316 IMG_4380
We discovered more interesting wildlife.
IMG_4343 IMG_4320 IMG_5749
The latest being the horrible ‘Anetons’ which have had devastating effects on the fruit trees very much like the ‘locusts’. You could shake trees and hundreds would fall. This and the fact that we’ve had a couple of late frosts mean that we won’t have many plums this year. Shame. ;(
We’ll have to diversify our ‘home brew’s recipes’. I have heard of bay leaf-wine….Must investigate this.

We started cutting our allocated wood…Arrrrggg Wood! We are so happy to say that with the help of many friends we have finally finished cutting our wood for winter 2016! 😉

It wasn’t easy!
IMG_4323 IMG_4284
IMG_4274 IMG_4281 IMG_4291 IMG_4285 IMG_4328 IMG_4428 IMG_4430 IMG_4432 IMG_4510 IMG_4659
The kids had their first water fight with friends in the garden.
IMG_4424 DSCF4013 DSCF4014 DSCF4015
I discovered the damage that Slugs do and subsequently ‘Slug Pellets’! I have also dug a couple of beer bottles but they’re not falling for it. They killed a parsley and a coriander plants in one night and are now eating my peppers. Arrggggg! I can’t even bring myself to cut them. I mean who can?? So I pick them up and threw them as a far as possible. To then be told that they always come back.
IMG_4334 IMG_4335 IMG_4333
We took part in an organised walk and walked 15 kms in 4 hours and had a lovely BBQ afterwards at home.
IMG_4449 IMG_4450 IMG_4451
Matt started his new job and loves it. He loves the ‘chatting’ aspect that comes with the job. 😉 I say it’s pretty damn good for his french. He now works approx 4 hours/week keeping the village nice and tidy and chatting to all the villagers on the way. They all know him: ‘l’Anglais’. Kind of sweet really.
Rhys has been getting some lines to write at school for misbehaving:
And since I do the cleaning in his classroom, I spotted this on one of the girl’s desk. 😉
We had more visitors and my sister and her family came from Dordogne, where they now live. It was lovely to share stories and we look forward to seeing them again next month in the Vendée.
IMG_4505 IMG_5780

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The warmer weather has meant that we’ve spent more time outside than inside

The ‘potager’ has grown and now looks like a vegetable patch. Flint is always in the garden with us, which is kind of fun but also very infuriating… There’s now a couple of areas where I can not grow anything!!!
IMG_4374 IMG_4336 IMG_4340 IMG_4342 IMG_4355
Little by little we built it and I started planting.
IMG_4384 IMG_4386 IMG_4390 IMG_4395 IMG_4387 IMG_4490
Week after week it grew…
IMG_4374 IMG_4421 IMG_4467 IMG_4501 IMG_4578
I am absolutely loving it. It’s ‘un petit coin de paradis’. The pleasure of growing vegs and flowers is Ace.
To just go in the garden and pick up stuff to cook, priceless.
IMG_4575 IMG_4672
At the moment: radishes, salad, herbs and currants.