Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Spring is all about gardening and having a go at growing stuff!

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I tackled my ‘Potager’. This was no mean feat and I completely underestimated how difficult and long that task was going to take. How on earth did they do that all by hand in the olden days!
To the rescue comes Matt and his habit of helping out others! Oliver (our neighbour) was using Josiane (our other neighbour)’s rotavator as his was seized up. Matt asked if he could have it (since it was dead) and actually fixed it. Brilliant! Well kind of as he felt compelled to give it back to Oliver but not before using it a couple of times to turn our earth….
Yep remember that ploughing Mu’s field’s Joke!
Trying to do it by hand.
IMG_4166 IMG_4189 IMG_4190
Then I had to clear it of all types of crap!
I planted some flowers to start with.
IMG_4232 IMG_4231
We added some more to our Fruits and Herbs garden: More Framboisiers and a Myrtille Tree. I also added a net to keep Flint away! I am not happy that he’s using the garden as his litter! I thought that cats never pooped on their own turf! Damn not our cat! (Stoopid cat!)
The herbs have grown beautifully and strong until the slugs appeared! Damn things. I am now looking for a hedgehog for a lodger as I am told that they are the best against slugs.

Seriously any advice is welcome.
IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4240
Growing some sunflowers indoosr. I am now too frightened to put them outside because of the *ucking slugs!
IMG_4226 IMG_4225


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