Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Our first visitors of the Year: The Wallaces

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They were finally reunited!! The Wallaces and and The Wallaces’ Brick.
We had a lovely time with those 4 people and I must admit it was pretty great to actually take some time off and do some touristic stuff. This included a trip to Vittel, Contrexeville, playing mini-golf, finding a mini hedgehog, having the first barbecue of the year and a ‘new neighbours meet old neighbours’-moment’. It was the first time we took a whole week off and the weather was so beautiful it wouldn’t have been right to carry on working!;)
IMG_4188 DSCF3889 DSCF3891 DSCF3893 DSCF3896 DSCF3897 DSCF3900 DSCF3901 DSCF3904 DSCF3905 DSCF3913 DSCF3915 DSCF3917 DSCF3919 DSCF3924 DSCF3927 DSCF3928 DSCF3929 DSCF3930 DSCF3931 DSCF3935 DSCF3936 DSCF3937 DSCF3940 DSCF3941 DSCF3944 DSCF3947 DSCF3948 DSCF3949 DSCF3950 DSCF3951 DSCF3952 DSCF3954 DSCF3959 DSCF3961 DSCF3962 DSCF3962 DSCF3964 DSCF3965 DSCF3967 DSCF3972 DSCF3978 DSCF3979 DSCF3982 DSCF3984 DSCF3989 DSCF4002
Thanks for coming guys!


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