Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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Our first visitors of the Year: The Wallaces

They were finally reunited!! The Wallaces and and The Wallaces’ Brick.
We had a lovely time with those 4 people and I must admit it was pretty great to actually take some time off and do some touristic stuff. This included a trip to Vittel, Contrexeville, playing mini-golf, finding a mini hedgehog, having the first barbecue of the year and a ‘new neighbours meet old neighbours’-moment’. It was the first time we took a whole week off and the weather was so beautiful it wouldn’t have been right to carry on working!;)
IMG_4188 DSCF3889 DSCF3891 DSCF3893 DSCF3896 DSCF3897 DSCF3900 DSCF3901 DSCF3904 DSCF3905 DSCF3913 DSCF3915 DSCF3917 DSCF3919 DSCF3924 DSCF3927 DSCF3928 DSCF3929 DSCF3930 DSCF3931 DSCF3935 DSCF3936 DSCF3937 DSCF3940 DSCF3941 DSCF3944 DSCF3947 DSCF3948 DSCF3949 DSCF3950 DSCF3951 DSCF3952 DSCF3954 DSCF3959 DSCF3961 DSCF3962 DSCF3962 DSCF3964 DSCF3965 DSCF3967 DSCF3972 DSCF3978 DSCF3979 DSCF3982 DSCF3984 DSCF3989 DSCF4002
Thanks for coming guys!


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Spring is all about gardening and having a go at growing stuff!

I tackled my ‘Potager’. This was no mean feat and I completely underestimated how difficult and long that task was going to take. How on earth did they do that all by hand in the olden days!
To the rescue comes Matt and his habit of helping out others! Oliver (our neighbour) was using Josiane (our other neighbour)’s rotavator as his was seized up. Matt asked if he could have it (since it was dead) and actually fixed it. Brilliant! Well kind of as he felt compelled to give it back to Oliver but not before using it a couple of times to turn our earth….
Yep remember that ploughing Mu’s field’s Joke!
Trying to do it by hand.
IMG_4166 IMG_4189 IMG_4190
Then I had to clear it of all types of crap!
I planted some flowers to start with.
IMG_4232 IMG_4231
We added some more to our Fruits and Herbs garden: More Framboisiers and a Myrtille Tree. I also added a net to keep Flint away! I am not happy that he’s using the garden as his litter! I thought that cats never pooped on their own turf! Damn not our cat! (Stoopid cat!)
The herbs have grown beautifully and strong until the slugs appeared! Damn things. I am now looking for a hedgehog for a lodger as I am told that they are the best against slugs.

Seriously any advice is welcome.
IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4240
Growing some sunflowers indoosr. I am now too frightened to put them outside because of the *ucking slugs!
IMG_4226 IMG_4225

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Once upon a time in April 2015

Matt regained his beloved garage, he just had to clear it first! lol
Removing those beams by himself took a little ingenuity and planning. Out into the garden they went.
IMG_4044 IMG_4060 IMG_4059 IMG_4058 IMG_4057 IMG_4056 IMG_4074

Our favourite builders (which are actually back next week) left us to clear the upstairs. Fair enough guys, we did agree we would do it. Still there were a rather large amount of stones to move….where to though? Well the back garden and as for the rubble, we decided to store it in one of those fantastic orange bags, to be used for hardcore in the floor for the back room.
IMG_5670 IMG_5671 IMG_5672
Matt also found Sputnik-1! 😉

Getting all the stones down ‘Randle’s style’! ….and another trip to the dump.
IMG_4081 IMG_4083 IMG_4084

IMG_4079 IMG_4086
IMG_4077 IMG_4085
The stones made their way to the back garden and then we had to think what to do with all of them, they found their place around the bath. Perfect!
IMG_4118 IMG_4119 IMG_4229 IMG_4230 IMG_4168 IMG_4239
Both Saf and Rhys were ill. It is pretty cool though that we don’t have to argue and fight anymore as to who would take time off to look after them as we’re actually both here!

They both caught colds later on in the month, we introduced them to this. 😉
IMG_4246 IMG_4245
We (well Matt) have started cutting our firewood and will be spending most of May there. Some trees have fallen in some really awkward places and Matt got told off (in a nice way) for not asking for help to move the trees up (as some are in a ditch). How are we to know! Next year can only be easier.
IMG_4274 IMG_4273

Matt carried on a bit more with some painting.
IMG_4174 IMG_4165 IMG_4176

House-wise we carried on with a few jobs, besides the shower. Since we had installed the second electricity box for the hot water tank, we were also able to connect the radiator and add some plugs in Rhys’ bedroom. We actually finished off that room, all painted and floor treated. I must say that it’s a pretty good feeling to actually finish off a room completely. This also meant that we were able to move in…like the olden’ days…all in the same room. And so far it’s working out fine. 😉
IMG_4137 IMG_5719 IMG_5709 IMG_5715 IMG_5722 IMG_5729 IMG_4167 IMG_4177 IMG_4287 IMG_4288