Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Spring was here for a little while

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Yes Karen Wallace, I promise you and I have some photos to prove it. Spring did come….and then went away. (sorry).
Ta Ta!!!
IMG_1188 IMG_1193
The garden was alive again:
DSCF3848 DSCF3847 DSCF3850
We decided to give our little house a little make over: painted the front door.
IMG_3962 IMG_3967 IMG_4010 IMG_4013
We are now awaiting a dry day to paint the window…and so we wait.
We gave our front garden a little tidy-up and planted a couple of flowers and started planting some herbs and fruits in our ‘Herbs & Fruits’ garden’ (haha). Even the rabbits got some vitamin D under the watch full eye of Flint our ‘guard cat’.
IMG_4014 IMG_4012 IMG_4022 IMG_4017 IMG_4018 IMG_4021 IMG_4019
We asked our friend Hubert to plough a ‘little allotment’ in our field. Seemed little enough at the time, but now that I have started clearing it and turning the earth….It is huge!!
Anyhow I don’t have to fret too much with that weather I won’t be planting anything before May so that gives me plenty of time to get it ready…ish.
DSCF3839 DSCF3840 DSCF3841 DSCF3843 IMG_4009
We also moved the fire pit and the hundreds of tiles around it. We are moving it out of the garden, nearer to an area where we may site our bell tents. We also want to keep the fenced garden area for chickens and ducks in the future.
As for fires, well we might be having the biggest one to date yet on 25th June. More details later…
IMG_4002 IMG_4004 IMG_4008 IMG_4006 IMG_4007


Then Spring disappeared….;(


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