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Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Wreck-It Randle has been….wrecking stuff again

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We deliberated a lot about the bathroom and if we were going to keep the bath first of all. Although I am desperate to have a good bath, that one was quite damaged and actually fairly small.
So out with the bath. Rhys did help (for a tiny bit).

IMG_5624 IMG_5623
IMG_3824 IMG_3821
IMG_3839 IMG_3840
And a couple more trips to the ‘Decheterie’. The guys there are always happy to see us and we have a good chat with them,. Nice to keep on good terms, especially as they’re more than happy to keep a look out and put stuff aside for us! 😉 (don’t tell anyone) (Notice those bags are just amazing and come in handy time and time again)
IMG_3841 IMG_3970
The shower: the wall needed re-building, the pipes needed changing, we also needed to check the drain. The plan was that only the base would then remain and building around it seemed a lot more difficult than getting a new shower unit. Although shower units are fairly pricey. To our rescue, comes our local DIY store and an ex-display shower delivered for under 300€ : Deal.
IMG_3766 IMG_5622
IMG_5681 IMG_3960
IMG_4024 IMG_4025

Shall we keep the wall? Nah, it’s pretty rotten and damp so out with the wall as well.
IMG_3971 IMG_3975
IMG_3976 IMG_3977
Matt took the ‘horrific’ toilet out. Yay! And we’ll put the hot water tank in that cupboard.

IMG_3928 IMG_3931
Matt dug the drain for the new toilet.
IMG_5676 IMG_5675
IMG_3902 IMG_3901
IMG_3925 IMG_3923
Cutting the old drain. And our friendly builders are back so I asked if they wouldn’t mind concreting our drain, which they are doing now. Awesome!
IMG_5683 IMG_5682
So we finally have a decent toilet in the house, with a manual flush! 😉

And here is Wreck-It Randle in action: :)) Enjoy


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