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Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Wrecking-it on a bigger scale

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The builders ‘The Cornite Brothers’ were due to start in the New Year, once the carpenters had finished their work. So we had no time to waste and had to clear the garage completely and Matt had to take all the wooden floor boards out.
IMG_3712 IMG_3711 IMG_3710
In true ‘Matt & Mu’ style we still had loads of stuff to move when the builders turned up. In our defense, in true ‘French Builders’ style they never really told us the exact date they will start. “if you see us in the morning then that means we’re working here’. lol It reminds me of all those restoration abroad type TV programs. Just as well we don’t have a tight schedule. We’ve learned to adapt and make the most of the sunshine some days….
IMG_5552 IMG_5554 IMG_5555
IMG_5561 IMG_5559 IMG_5564
Not bad for someone who is scared of heights! 😉
IMG_3717 IMG_3742
We shall be re-using them, as they are ‘oak beams’ and pretty strong. For the moment, let’s just store them….over there.


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