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Taking one part of the ceiling out : The making of Wreck-it Randle

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The only way to get to one of the beam, above one of the bedroom, was to take the ceiling out.
Matt started doing it very gently as we kind of hoped we could salvage some of it.

IMG_3411 IMG_3413

After a couple of hours… Well the whole taking off gently didn’t quite work out and Matt just cut it off with the chainsaw in the end! So we can’t really re-use it but it makes great kindling. 😉
IMG_5601 IMG_3758
The carpenters changed the beam, then Matt put some chicken wire up there as you do!(to stop little furry animals nesting into our lush ‘laine de verre’. And we started re-decorating the room. Perfect school holiday activity: tearing down wallpaper. They actually love it. Only when it comes down nice and easy. Not when it is properly glued on and you have to scrape it off. (Who likes that anyway?)
IMG_5603 IMG_5612
IMG_3800 IMG_3799 IMG_3803

Even Flint helped us out.
IMG_3810 IMG_3808

We then decided to put some ‘laine de verre’ to insulate the gap. Glad we had running water when we did that as we literally needed to jump in the shower straight afterwards. Well we thought we could squeeze it behind the beam… What a job!! Itchy-scratchy!
IMG_5580 IMG_3813 IMG_3812
We decided to put some lighter wood to break it off and make the room lighter.
IMG_5620 IMG_5621
Used the left overs on the door. (much better than a cardboard piece). Another repurposing success! 😉
IMG_5626 IMG_5625
A new light and we were ready for painting and wallpapering.


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