Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Miscellanous & Random from the last couple of months

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Since Halloween, I had been looking at that pumpkin every time I opened my window. So it was only fair to immortalise it in a gif.


When it was cold, it was seriously cold:

Even Charlie & Buster felt cold:

Matt found it hilarious that he can actually ride in the house:

IMG_1072 images
Yep! That’s the look he is going for. A few people are now calling him ‘Matt Guyver’ so he thought he might as well sport the same hair style!
Vegetarians look away Now.
Random, I know but how often do you cook rabbit in one pot and deer in another…
Saf likes to make her Chef’s salads and drawing horses….
Horses! I really don’t understand the obsession about horses!?
And again random but when we went to the swimming pool in Vittel, Saffron cut her knee.
As they are not able to provide any treatment, they called the ‘pompiers’ who took her to Vittel hospital to have her knee glued.
I had Rhys and a couple of friends so we met her there. She couldn’t put her legging back on so they made her a skirt! lol
IMG_3818 IMG_3820

And see kids are resourceful. Rhys really wanted to play mine craft but as the house is now a garage, he couldn’t find a chair…neverminds, I’ll use this instead.

And I was going to forget: We are back on our bikes. However the first outing was fairly painful (kids moaned well too much….) Next time will be better. 😉
IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3797 IMG_3798


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