Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Building: The ‘French Way’

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Firstly we had all the material delivered. There was quite a lot of it.
IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_3755
Quite a few bags. We were hoping to re-use them, unfortunately they just slash the bottoms to get the materials out. Shame. Point P bin bags could have worked. 😉

So within a couple of hours, the two brothers had half of the beams out. Incredible!
IMG_5578 IMG_5577
It looked pretty strange when all the beams were out.
So they started building…
IMG_1043 IMG_5592
IMG_1042 IMG_5611
It’s pretty interesting to learn how floors can be built. We also found out the usual way (by them not turning up.lol) that it needs at least 21 days to set.
IMG_5646 IMG_5634
A helping hand from our neighbour ‘Benjamin’ with his tractor.
IMG_5635 IMG_5636
IMG_5643 IMG_5653

And so it was left to dry for 21 days….
But hang on, on a nice sunny day, they came back to tackle the cracks on the outside walls and
re-render the large chimney….and off they went again. ’til next time.

IMG_3850 IMG_3846
IMG_3849 IMG_3852
A couple of weeks later, I did give them a call to enquire as to when they thought they would be back. They told me they were working outside so they would be back on the next rainy day to carry out the work inside. And the following morning, it was pouring down with rain and our friendly chaps were back. We needed the doorways to be higher.
Our nice new floor has taken a few knocks already. 😉
IMG_1122 IMG_1123
IMG_1124 IMG_1125
So the brothers worked hard, as always, and then you guessed it, they just disappeared. I might start calling them ‘Scarlette’ and ‘Pimprenelle’. Lol
But they should be back next week as it has been a month since the floor was finished. We’ll see. 😉


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