Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Since I am now working…Matt has a new companion

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I have found a job with the local community. I work between 18 and 35 hours / a week and will have most of the school holidays. Thanks to my BAFA, which I have never really used I was able to get this job which consists of school clubs, lunch time supervising and school cleaning with additional cover at the Creche.
I have been working for 2 months now and I must say that I really enjoy it.
Matt has never been much of a cat person but somehow when picking the kids up from a friend down in the village, this little guy, well, kind of found his way into his heart. As it happened, our friend was looking for a home for him.
He has now been part of our family for a month and his name is FLINT. He is pretty cool, a little ‘crazy’, full of life, loves a good cuddle, a good film and even watching video games. We are all pleased that he joined our family….even Charlie & Buster seem okay with him.

IMG_5446 IMG_3687

IMG_3699 IMG_1104

IMG_5497 IMG_3706
DSCF3802 IMG_1112


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