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Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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When we’re not wrecking stuff…Well we’re restoring it

We took a short break from wrecking the bathroom and started decorated one of the bedrooms. This one will end up as Rhys’ room, although the kids will probably have to share it for a little while when we move in to the house later on in the year (hopefully!).
IMG_3026 IMG_3028
IMG_3031 IMG_3037
The tar from the chimney had leaked through the plaster. We had to dig and refill, replaster and sand.
IMG_3890 IMG_3888
Prep the walls and started wallpapering. The kids came back from school at lunch time (it was a wednesday) and things stalled a little while they helped us. lol
IMG_3899 IMG_3894
IMG_3896 IMG_3897 IMG_3895

A coat of varnish on the wood.

We’re learning and planned our electrics before wallpapering. 😉
IMG_3892 IMG_3817

We sanded the windows down outside and inside. We’ll do the shutters later… We painted the frames on the inside. Again we’ll do the outside later on.
IMG_3876 IMG_3874

Matt re-puttied the windows, with the help of Flint.

IMG_3952 IMG_3951 IMG_3950

We tackled some pretty old and groovy electrics. We didn’t want to just trash it all as there’s some fairly new stuff along with some old and ancient stuff. Matt spent some time making sense of the whole colour code and apart from one switch, got everything working. We were stuck. Fortunately, our neighbour’s brother-in-law, who is an electrician, came to our rescue and shaded some light on the circuit we couldn’t fix.
You’ve got to love this ‘helping each other’ attitude and this makes life so much easier.
IMG_3885 IMG_3883 IMG_1130
Less is more! 😉

IMG_3878 IMG_3880

Testing to see if it is still live…..

IMG_1127 IMG_3955
A little update for the plug.
Second coat on the door for a black chalk board. (to remind Rhys to get up in the morning. lol!)
I never thought a single room would require so much work! I have cleaned the floor a couple of times, sanded the skirting boards (ready for painting) and sanded the water stains on the floor.
I will give the floor a good clean with a mix of turpentine and linseed oil. We’ll see if that does the trick to give it a new life.
IMG_4029 IMG_4089

So, minus a couple of finishing touches, we’re pretty much there with our first bedroom.
Here are some ‘Before and After’ photographs.
It actually doesn’t look that much different in comparison with some other rooms. So I am glad that I have taken some photographs every step of the way as there was actually quite a lot a background work involved.
IMG_1388 IMG_4030

IMG_3026 IMG_4097


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Wreck-It Randle has been….wrecking stuff again

We deliberated a lot about the bathroom and if we were going to keep the bath first of all. Although I am desperate to have a good bath, that one was quite damaged and actually fairly small.
So out with the bath. Rhys did help (for a tiny bit).

IMG_5624 IMG_5623
IMG_3824 IMG_3821
IMG_3839 IMG_3840
And a couple more trips to the ‘Decheterie’. The guys there are always happy to see us and we have a good chat with them,. Nice to keep on good terms, especially as they’re more than happy to keep a look out and put stuff aside for us! 😉 (don’t tell anyone) (Notice those bags are just amazing and come in handy time and time again)
IMG_3841 IMG_3970
The shower: the wall needed re-building, the pipes needed changing, we also needed to check the drain. The plan was that only the base would then remain and building around it seemed a lot more difficult than getting a new shower unit. Although shower units are fairly pricey. To our rescue, comes our local DIY store and an ex-display shower delivered for under 300€ : Deal.
IMG_3766 IMG_5622
IMG_5681 IMG_3960
IMG_4024 IMG_4025

Shall we keep the wall? Nah, it’s pretty rotten and damp so out with the wall as well.
IMG_3971 IMG_3975
IMG_3976 IMG_3977
Matt took the ‘horrific’ toilet out. Yay! And we’ll put the hot water tank in that cupboard.

IMG_3928 IMG_3931
Matt dug the drain for the new toilet.
IMG_5676 IMG_5675
IMG_3902 IMG_3901
IMG_3925 IMG_3923
Cutting the old drain. And our friendly builders are back so I asked if they wouldn’t mind concreting our drain, which they are doing now. Awesome!
IMG_5683 IMG_5682
So we finally have a decent toilet in the house, with a manual flush! 😉

And here is Wreck-It Randle in action: :)) Enjoy

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Miscellanous & Random from the last couple of months

Since Halloween, I had been looking at that pumpkin every time I opened my window. So it was only fair to immortalise it in a gif.


When it was cold, it was seriously cold:

Even Charlie & Buster felt cold:

Matt found it hilarious that he can actually ride in the house:

IMG_1072 images
Yep! That’s the look he is going for. A few people are now calling him ‘Matt Guyver’ so he thought he might as well sport the same hair style!
Vegetarians look away Now.
Random, I know but how often do you cook rabbit in one pot and deer in another…
Saf likes to make her Chef’s salads and drawing horses….
Horses! I really don’t understand the obsession about horses!?
And again random but when we went to the swimming pool in Vittel, Saffron cut her knee.
As they are not able to provide any treatment, they called the ‘pompiers’ who took her to Vittel hospital to have her knee glued.
I had Rhys and a couple of friends so we met her there. She couldn’t put her legging back on so they made her a skirt! lol
IMG_3818 IMG_3820

And see kids are resourceful. Rhys really wanted to play mine craft but as the house is now a garage, he couldn’t find a chair…neverminds, I’ll use this instead.

And I was going to forget: We are back on our bikes. However the first outing was fairly painful (kids moaned well too much….) Next time will be better. 😉
IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3797 IMG_3798

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Building: The ‘French Way’

Firstly we had all the material delivered. There was quite a lot of it.
IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_3755
Quite a few bags. We were hoping to re-use them, unfortunately they just slash the bottoms to get the materials out. Shame. Point P bin bags could have worked. 😉

So within a couple of hours, the two brothers had half of the beams out. Incredible!
IMG_5578 IMG_5577
It looked pretty strange when all the beams were out.
So they started building…
IMG_1043 IMG_5592
IMG_1042 IMG_5611
It’s pretty interesting to learn how floors can be built. We also found out the usual way (by them not turning up.lol) that it needs at least 21 days to set.
IMG_5646 IMG_5634
A helping hand from our neighbour ‘Benjamin’ with his tractor.
IMG_5635 IMG_5636
IMG_5643 IMG_5653

And so it was left to dry for 21 days….
But hang on, on a nice sunny day, they came back to tackle the cracks on the outside walls and
re-render the large chimney….and off they went again. ’til next time.

IMG_3850 IMG_3846
IMG_3849 IMG_3852
A couple of weeks later, I did give them a call to enquire as to when they thought they would be back. They told me they were working outside so they would be back on the next rainy day to carry out the work inside. And the following morning, it was pouring down with rain and our friendly chaps were back. We needed the doorways to be higher.
Our nice new floor has taken a few knocks already. 😉
IMG_1122 IMG_1123
IMG_1124 IMG_1125
So the brothers worked hard, as always, and then you guessed it, they just disappeared. I might start calling them ‘Scarlette’ and ‘Pimprenelle’. Lol
But they should be back next week as it has been a month since the floor was finished. We’ll see. 😉

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Wrecking-it on a bigger scale

The builders ‘The Cornite Brothers’ were due to start in the New Year, once the carpenters had finished their work. So we had no time to waste and had to clear the garage completely and Matt had to take all the wooden floor boards out.
IMG_3712 IMG_3711 IMG_3710
In true ‘Matt & Mu’ style we still had loads of stuff to move when the builders turned up. In our defense, in true ‘French Builders’ style they never really told us the exact date they will start. “if you see us in the morning then that means we’re working here’. lol It reminds me of all those restoration abroad type TV programs. Just as well we don’t have a tight schedule. We’ve learned to adapt and make the most of the sunshine some days….
IMG_5552 IMG_5554 IMG_5555
IMG_5561 IMG_5559 IMG_5564
Not bad for someone who is scared of heights! 😉
IMG_3717 IMG_3742
We shall be re-using them, as they are ‘oak beams’ and pretty strong. For the moment, let’s just store them….over there.

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Taking one part of the ceiling out : The making of Wreck-it Randle

The only way to get to one of the beam, above one of the bedroom, was to take the ceiling out.
Matt started doing it very gently as we kind of hoped we could salvage some of it.

IMG_3411 IMG_3413

After a couple of hours… Well the whole taking off gently didn’t quite work out and Matt just cut it off with the chainsaw in the end! So we can’t really re-use it but it makes great kindling. 😉
IMG_5601 IMG_3758
The carpenters changed the beam, then Matt put some chicken wire up there as you do!(to stop little furry animals nesting into our lush ‘laine de verre’. And we started re-decorating the room. Perfect school holiday activity: tearing down wallpaper. They actually love it. Only when it comes down nice and easy. Not when it is properly glued on and you have to scrape it off. (Who likes that anyway?)
IMG_5603 IMG_5612
IMG_3800 IMG_3799 IMG_3803

Even Flint helped us out.
IMG_3810 IMG_3808

We then decided to put some ‘laine de verre’ to insulate the gap. Glad we had running water when we did that as we literally needed to jump in the shower straight afterwards. Well we thought we could squeeze it behind the beam… What a job!! Itchy-scratchy!
IMG_5580 IMG_3813 IMG_3812
We decided to put some lighter wood to break it off and make the room lighter.
IMG_5620 IMG_5621
Used the left overs on the door. (much better than a cardboard piece). Another repurposing success! 😉
IMG_5626 IMG_5625
A new light and we were ready for painting and wallpapering.