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Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

In January, the carpenters worked their magic

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Matt has managed to somehow repair my laptop so I am back blogging. We’re already in March and I haven’t posted anything since the holidays in December.

So the carpenters were here most of January and got busy changing the rotten beams. Additionally they also removed the metal cable, which was holding the walls and replaced it with a couple of beams. Awesome. We won’t have to knock our heads constantly anymore.
IMG_3666 DSCF3735
DSCF3731 IMG_3682

Matt also came to their help and welded some brackets for them.
There was a little bit of wood left over, however some was just too eaten! 😉
IMG_3594 IMG_3438
What is a man to do with all that wood? A Swedish Torch.
IMG_3421 IMG_3420
IMG_3424  IMG_3434
IMG_3436 IMG_3441

So after the first phase, that’s how the upstairs looked.
DSCF3739 DSCF3736
Then, they removed the cable!
DSCF3742 DSCF3743
But we kept a small bit, just right for hanging kids out to dry.
IMG_5457 IMG_5458


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