Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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We got creative and decorated the chimney

We tackled some of my crazy ideas on the chimney. I wanted to try mosaic so we bought some mosaic squares. However it would have been well too easy to apply the squares as they came and instead I decided to cut them and created a nightmare of a puzzle.
‘Hi Five’ to my awesomely patient husband for agreeing to it and well…..applying it to the chimney.
I love the result.
IMG_3416 IMG_3418
IMG_3625 IMG_3631
IMG_3635 IMG_3638
Matt repurposed the wood from an old bed for the bottom part of the chimney.
He cleaned and painted the sides of the chimney, grouted the mosaic and finished off with painted trims.
IMG_3586 DSCF3753
IMG_3588 DSCF3746
IMG_5467 IMG_5502
Et voila! 😉


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In January, the carpenters worked their magic

Matt has managed to somehow repair my laptop so I am back blogging. We’re already in March and I haven’t posted anything since the holidays in December.

So the carpenters were here most of January and got busy changing the rotten beams. Additionally they also removed the metal cable, which was holding the walls and replaced it with a couple of beams. Awesome. We won’t have to knock our heads constantly anymore.
IMG_3666 DSCF3735
DSCF3731 IMG_3682

Matt also came to their help and welded some brackets for them.
There was a little bit of wood left over, however some was just too eaten! 😉
IMG_3594 IMG_3438
What is a man to do with all that wood? A Swedish Torch.
IMG_3421 IMG_3420
IMG_3424  IMG_3434
IMG_3436 IMG_3441

So after the first phase, that’s how the upstairs looked.
DSCF3739 DSCF3736
Then, they removed the cable!
DSCF3742 DSCF3743
But we kept a small bit, just right for hanging kids out to dry.
IMG_5457 IMG_5458


Christmas holidays: freezing fog; sub-zero temperature & still living in a mobilehome

Just a quick overview of our December’s Holiday in Les Vosges.
Since the kids actually chose their Christmas presents in Leclerc as they are now aware that ‘Le Père Noel’ does not exist, we didn’t see fit to wrap them up and put them at the bottom of the tree.
Instead we did a treasure hunt on Christmas Eve.
IMG_3474 IMG_3477
IMG_3481 IMG_3480
Rhys had chosen something that wouldn’t have even fitted in our old home in Pembury!
DSCF3572 DSCF3586
Saf chose a sewing machine. Unfortunately it broke on Day 2.
DSCF3574 DSCF3578

Matt spent some time trying to repair it but without any luck. I must now try to find a ‘Repair Café’. An amazing idea where volunteers help people repairing their stuff.

So we found other activities to do and had a go at making candles.
DSCF3600 DSCF3595
* This is for Karen & Nick’s daughter: Amber Rose 😉
DSCF3605 DSCF3601
Then the snow arrived!!!
IMG_3507 IMG_3678
DSCF3654 DSCF3663
DSCF3662 DSCF3613

DSCF3617 DSCF3628
And then began Saf’s snowman building’s obession…
DSCF3619 DSCF3623


Nice hat, Matt! 😉
DSCF3633 DSCF3637 DSCF3635 DSCF3634

The kids had a go on Matt’s snowboard…in our garden.
DSCF3640 DSCF3643
And went sledging in the village.
The kids made another snowman with some friends. (This one has to be one of the best ever!!)
We went to Eric & Coco for a very ‘chillax New Year’Eve celebration’. We played Mr Bean in a franglais kind of manner and after a few glasses of vino, Matt showed them a few of his tricks. (his cork trick being is favourite).
DSCF3706 DSCF3704
I took a walk in our field and photographed some of the animal tracks. It looks like it’s a pretty busy place at night. Something else to create later; a kind of hide to watch the animals during the night.
DSCF3686 DSCF3684
DSCF3681 DSCF3679
DSCF3678 DSCF3675
The the weather turned and we experienced -12 celcius, blizzard and freezing fog and their consequences…. No more water….
So we improvised for a few days to the kids delight.
IMG_3492 IMG_3499
DSCF3665 DSCF3667
We tried to unfreeze the pipes under the mobilehome….No luck there.
IMG_3518 IMG_3502
I left a bottle of water in the mobilehome kitchen…
And I don’t mention the oil or the Nutella (which we still have to melt in the microwave).
I forgot my plants….(what kind of gardener am I!!) This is not a good sign for later. (Must do better!!)
So we heated water and had baths in a large plastic tub. 😉 like in the olden’ days.
IMG_3514 IMG_3513

Frost on the window. Nothing special about that. Hang on frost on the inside of the window…okay that’s a little cold.
IMG_3577 IMG_3578
The lake in Bourbonne-les-Bains was frozen.
We made bread and cakes…
DSCF3649 DSCF3650
DSCF3658 DSCF3657
We played Cluedo and played Cluedo again and again and then hid the game. 😉 lol
Matt found some large pieces of wood to keep us warm.
IMG_3482 IMG_3483

IMG_3549 IMG_3550

The kids were introduced to french films like Asterix & Obelix, Le gendarme a St Tropez and I finally got to watch ‘Bienvenue chez les ch’ti’, which we all loved.
DSCF3652 DSCF3651

The forecast was fab for New Year’s day so headed to the slopes for an afternoon of skiing. What a treat. It was brilliant.
IMG_3557 IMG_3558
IMG_3559 IMG_3560
Last time up in the chairlift for a descent at dusk.
IMG_3561 IMG_3564

We went to the ‘Pot du Maire’ and were given a plant. What a great idea as I have a few spare pots….Must try and keep this one alive.

The rest of the holiday and in January, we made more snowmen, had some quad trips and did some glass painting and enjoyed the lovely surrounding.
DSCF3780 DSCF3782
DSCF3784 DSCF3785
IMG_3620 IMG_3619
Some of the photographs Matt took in the mornings. The light is just fantastic. It looks pretty eerie at times.
DSCF3721 DSCF3713
DSCF3722 DSCF3720