Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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We went to the mountains in search of snow (little did we know how much we would get a few days later…)





I found an auberge on the internet in La Bresse so we booked it for 2 nights. However as the snow hadn’t arrived yet we only stayed one night and moved the other night to february.
DSCF3469 DSCF3470
We didn’t really mind the lack of snow as we only travelled for 1h45 to get there and knew that we could come back later on in the season.
The Auberge is lovely and just what we like, low key and homely and very affordable.
So we checked out La Bresse.
DSCF3463 DSCF3467
So let’s take the chairlift and see if there is more snow at the top.
DSCF3473 DSCF3482
DSCF3476 DSCF3478
Downhill mountain biking tracks for the summer. Thought of a few people who might like that. I, on the other hand would get cramp in my fingers if I attempted them!
It was such a beautiful sunny day at the top. Well worth the trip.
rhys saf
DSCF3502 DSCF3501
Kids had an awesome time.
DSCF3494 DSCF3490
DSCF3531 DSCF3525
DSCF3519 DSCF3547
DSCF3534 DSCF3536
And so did we.
DSCF3541 DSCF3540
And back down. (It’s such a strange feeling to go down on a chairlift)
We also tried out the Luge. Pretty good even if I managed to scare myself whilst going pretty slowly.
DSCF3552 DSCF3550
DSCF3554 DSCF3558

And back to the Auberge for a nice diner and a few glasses of vino. ;))
IMG_3449 IMG_3447
IMG_3451 IMG_3450
IMG_3446 IMG_3463
IMG_3459 IMG_3453
On the way back home we stopped off at Gerardmer, which is absolutely lovely in all seasons.
DSCF3566 DSCF3567
And 4 days later the snow arrived….