Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

We painted the beams

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So THE wall is done. It is quite a task and Matt keeps winding me up by saying he’s going to start another one. I am not ready just yet….It kind of took us nearly 3 weeks on and off to get it done.
But before we could paint we had to clean them again and scrape them….
We said goodbye to ‘Bambi’.
IMG_3252 IMG_3254
IMG_3249 IMG_5353
Painting in style. In fact that photo was taken because Matt can not understand how I always manage to get paint everywhere and why my paint brush ends up full of paint!?
IMG_5355 IMG_5358
IMG_3361 IMG_3404
Matt trying to overcome his fear of heights. Doing well, doing well….
So we’re slowly getting there.
IMG_3407 DSCF2651
Our kitchen now and how it looked when we moved in.
So we now need to get some equipment:
And bingo we spotted this at the ‘Magasin Vert’.
IMG_3139 IMG_3182
Scrubs up nicely.
Now for cabinets: A 5 hours round-trip.
IMG_3385 IMG_3396
I even fit inside.
IMG_3399 IMG_3401
Matt found this old bar-bistrot on Le Bon Coin. We’ll have a go at restoring it next year and make it into our kitchen.


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