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Let the Xmas Season starts

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The Xmas season starts here with the St Nicholas celebration at the beginning of December.

IMG_3070 IMG_3071
We went down to Lamarche and followed the St Nicholas and Pere fouetard through the village. While St Nicholas threw sweets at the kids, the Pere Fouetard was handing out bamboo canes.
IMG_3072 IMG_3073
IMG_3076 IMG_3079
They then put on a show in the ‘Salle des fetes’ and gave the kids a chocolat brioche and a bag of sweets.
The decorations went up in our village and in the neighbouring villages.
DSCF3241 DSCF3243
And the lavoirs look lovely too.
DSCF3244 DSCF3227 DSCF3248
We’ve got our own star outside our house.
DSCF3231 DSCF3223
So we got our decorations up too in the mobile home and in the house.
IMG_3266 IMG_3324
DSCF3316 DSCF3323
DSCF3345 DSCF3336
DSCF3328 DSCF3327
We went for another St Nicholas Celebration and the kids made some ‘bonhomme en bonbon’.
Rhys also got chosen to go and help the singer.
IMG_3209 IMG_3204
IMG_3202 IMG_3205
The weather has turned cold and at the moment we just hope that our water installation will hold!
IMG_3189 IMG_3239
DSCF3351 DSCF3349
Matt photographed some sunrise.
DSCF3346 DSCF3348
DSCF3460 DSCF3459
I took Saf to her first Lotto. (’til 1am in the morning…) and she loved it. I, on the other hand was pretty bored. It was interesting to see how it worked and who goes there. People are true Bingo fanatic but I don’t think I could ever take it so seriously. Still those local events attract around 400 people. Quite impressive.
Coco’s lovely Xmas decoration.
Coco also showed me the Source in Vittel, where you can freely fill up your bottles.
DSCF3441 DSCF3439
We got into the Xmas spirit with the ‘vin chaud’, the mistletoe from the garden, the kids xmas fair (which is only made of craft objects the kids and the teachers have made; what a lovely event)  and Saffron’s dance show.
IMG_5305 IMG_5332
DSCF3357 DSCF3358
DSCF3362 DSCF3361
I found it really refreshing that it was all just xmas decoration made at the school. Like most parents, I bought mostly Saf & Rhys’s decorations. Nice souvenirs.
DSCF3364 DSCF3366
DSCF3368 DSCF3383
Saf’s dance show, along with a country dance show and a marche de Noel, with more upcycled lovely stuff. Matt & I had a go at line dancing at the end. 😉
DSCF3430 DSCF3425
DSCF3392 DSCF3391

Le pere Noel came to the village hall in Mont (well yes all the kids knew it was actually our lovely Hubert. lol). We drank a lot of ‘vin chaud’ and ate some waffles made by the lovely ladies.
IMG_3426 IMG_3427
IMG_3430 IMG_3428
And Father Xmas is everywhere.
Here he is with his elf!
IMG_3166 IMG_3170
So Merry Xmas everyone and Happy New Year!
xmas card


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