Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

Inside the house Matt started digging a little more

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So Matt took all the render off the walls in the kitchen and while I was cleaning the walls, he moved on to the front room and started digging the window sill to uncover another old sink, unfortunately it had been broken up to make way for the radiator! We came up with an idea to use it as it is. (watch this space as this should look pretty cool once it’s complete)
IMG_2754 IMG_2755
More rubble.
IMG_2759 IMG_2760
Trying it out. It still works!
Sometimes Matt had to dig holes and sometimes he had to rebuild them.
IMG_2862 IMG_2861
IMG_2859 IMG_2858
IMG_2863 IMG_3108
We also need to dig for the sink grey water. (the other sink we’re adding on to the kitchen)
IMG_5344 IMG_5345
IMG_3039 IMG_5346
After measuring carefully and hours of drilling through a meter and a half thick wall, joining the two parts was a good feeling!
An improvement for the kids:
We plugged the TV in so we can now watch DVDs near the open fire.
IMG_3153 IMG_3152
Matt’s practising his photo-posing. I did warn him that I would post them on the blog regardless.

We picked up some floor tiles….(oops looks like the car was almost on the ground)
IMG_3235 IMG_3248

Matt tried the chimney on for size (so to speak, and yup he is in there) but we’ll have to fit our hot air system somewhere else as this space was too small.
We finished clearing the kitchen. Yay!
IMG_2643 IMG_2651
Matt’s pretty chilled however we found that some days we got to the deadly hour and have now called it the “F*ck this Shit O’clock” (that’ll be photo 2)
DSCF3195 DSCF3193

I know there’s another good one somewhere, I need to find it.

While doing all our research, I often got thinking. That’ll be the photo 2 then.
DSCF3198 DSCF3197


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