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Santa won’t come down our chimney

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I had the Father Xmas discussion with the kids and decided to tell them the truth. They were neither upset nor surprised just curious as to why parents pretend that father xmas exists?
Since then Saf told me that none of the French kids believe in Father Xmas and she was very happy that we had had the discussion beforehand.

There are many cultural differences and being ‘realistic’ is definitely a french thing. A kind of no frill way of life.
I was reading Saf’s library book to them the other night. It was the story of a dog, who liked to do various things and had a best mate. Then one day he didn’t want to stop by his mate’s house. Why? Because he had sensed that his friend had died. Since that day he has felt sad and lonely. THE END.
I laughed at the fact that a child’s story could end in such a way. And we discussed it. Rhys said that if it was an english story the dog would have been revived or the whole thing would have been a joke. Saf said that he would have found a new friend and had a happy life. The french version is just a realistic view. You loose your mate. Life sucks. You’re Sad….
Food for thought.

Back in the room, Matt repaired the chimney and since Santa wasn’t going to come down it, he had a go! šŸ˜‰


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