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Firewood means we needed some working chimneys

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This was probably one of Matt’s ‘Top’ days so far.
We got to the ‘knocking problem’ that kept him up at night for hours when we slept in the house a couple of months ago.
So the ‘chapeau’ of the chimney is off.
The small chimney’s ‘chapeau’ is repaired.
And this was what kept Matt up.

So now we can make fires safely. ‘Wallace brick’ keeping warm.
Matt has also painted the back plate and just to show how bad his fire obsession is…He films fires!!!

Local guy on the roof putting the ‘tubage’. Me and Matt wondering how on earth can he just walk on a roof so easily, especially climbing a huge ladder without using his hands…..?!
And the massive 1960’s TV antenna is off! All that for 3 channels in black and white?
New windows, new chimney tops. That’ll do for now.


One thought on “Firewood means we needed some working chimneys

  1. That’s the way we did the chimney at no 12 it was the the chap that tried to get the birds nest out that was a disaster. He pulled my dust sheet all the way thruough the chimney!

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