Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

A few improvements in the Bungalow and in the House

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We’re pretty happy with our dry toilet. Even emptying it in the rain is ‘kind of’ okay. We just needed a little fan to keep it fresh. IMG_4966 IMG_4970 IMG_4968 IMG_4971 IMG_4967
Our tap broke in ‘le bungaow’ so Matt had to change it. He had a lot of fun adapting french stuff to english plumbing…  IMG_2222
We changed the windows but had a set back. We measured the second window wrongly….arrrggg. Really annoying when the D.I.Y store is an hour’s drive away…Nevermind it’s all a learning curve. We had to take the radiator off as well. By the way we are selling them if anyone is interested by some ‘vintage french radiators’ 😉 (they are blinkin’ heavy!) IMG_5008 IMG_5012 IMG_2271 IMG_2283 IMG_2282 IMG_2320 IMG_2321 IMG_2351

One done.

Not a product placement just a little ‘hi’ to my old bosses to say ‘cheers’ for the tool! 😉 IMG_2285 IMG_2400 IMG_2399 IMG_5042

We love this old sink but we probably won’t use it as a sink, we’ll use it as a seat. IMG_5110
And ‘Sharon’ (Matts stone) has found a new purpose, a sink plug…..
IMG_5111 IMG_2403
I carried on scraping the walls in the ‘future’ lounge. 4 layers of wallpaper and glue holding on polystyrene insulation. IMG_4964 IMG_4963
I had some help from our favourite neighbours. Even Matt helped for a bit……literally seconds…. IMG_5106 IMG_5107
Finally it’s pretty much getting there….
IMG_2531 IMG_2532
I cleared some of the cellar steps as they are deadly slippery.
IMG_2546 IMG_2547
The steps we when arrived:
We dug a little more in the cellar. We need to fit a sump pump in there.
IMG_2543 IMG_2544
Nice clear hole. And photo taken a few hours ago. Arrrrgggg.
I know what I’ll be doing when the rain stops!
Little faces are everywhere!;) A sad looking electrical plug.
We also found this while clearing. An ancient back scraper? Or maybe a tool to help pick up apples and pears. IMG_4991


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