Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

The nature around us

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There are a lot of birds of prey in this area (Sparrowhawks, Buzzard, Kestrels, Owls). It’s just breathtaking to see and hear these birds every day. We can also see jays and woodpeckers.
There are also some snakes and lizards. We saw this one just outside our mobile home and were delighted. However the other night, one was trying to get into the garage I wasn’t so delighted then. The thought of stepping on it in the dark.

IMG_1719 IMG_4757

We also found this skin in the cellar. Pretty cool.


There’s also a few spiders. We seem to have adopted one so we decided to give her the name ‘Matilda’. She’s been on a specific mobile home window for weeks and we feed her flies and wasps from time to time, but she’s doing a great job at catching them in her awesome web. Pretty gross when she cocoons and transport them afterward though.


There’s also cute looking bugs and fluorescent beetles.


Escargot Love!


Saf with the remains of a small bees’ nest.



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