Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

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The Front Room & its chimney

When we first saw the house, the chimney had a cooker linked up to it and it was full of wood.


So first we took the wood out and uncovered some treasures.


Then we took all the metal stuff away. A ‘ferailleur’ from the neighbouring village came to pick everything up.

IMG_4655 IMG_4656


We had the chimney swept. (It was pretty clean).

IMG_2038 IMG_2049

We put a lid on it (lol) to try it out.

IMG_4911 IMG_4912

Then Matt fixed the hole.

IMG_4917 IMG_2145 IMG_4921 IMG_2147 IMG_4923 IMG_4929

We had our first proper fire.


Then Eric lent us a useful thing: ‘un pare-feu’.

Saffron helping restore the Treasures.

IMG_2043 IMG_2040 IMG_2039 IMG_2118


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Our Dry Toilet

We always spoke about making a dry toilet, even more so because that’s what we’re planning to implement for the campers. We had to trial our idea.

First we had to get rid of the old toilet in ‘Le Bungalow’.
IMG_1001 IMG_4763 IMG_1726

We are going to upcycle it into a flower pot.

Then measure, cut, varnish and fit.
IMG_4754 IMG_4753 IMG_4765 IMG_4770 IMG_4772 IMG_4768

IMG_4821 IMG_4774

We decided to use a wee separator.

We have been using it for over a month now. The kids prefer it to the one in the house. I empty the number 2 once a week. We use wood chips and I empty it into our compost area. Matt empties the wee once or twice a week. It’s not that taxing.
So a pretty successful thing so far.


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The nature around us

There are a lot of birds of prey in this area (Sparrowhawks, Buzzard, Kestrels, Owls). It’s just breathtaking to see and hear these birds every day. We can also see jays and woodpeckers.
There are also some snakes and lizards. We saw this one just outside our mobile home and were delighted. However the other night, one was trying to get into the garage I wasn’t so delighted then. The thought of stepping on it in the dark.

IMG_1719 IMG_4757

We also found this skin in the cellar. Pretty cool.


There’s also a few spiders. We seem to have adopted one so we decided to give her the name ‘Matilda’. She’s been on a specific mobile home window for weeks and we feed her flies and wasps from time to time, but she’s doing a great job at catching them in her awesome web. Pretty gross when she cocoons and transport them afterward though.


There’s also cute looking bugs and fluorescent beetles.


Escargot Love!


Saf with the remains of a small bees’ nest.


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Strange pears

We have some mirabelles, some quetches, some grapes, some berries and a pear tree as well as some Coings!



You could be mistaken to think that they are slightly fury pears. I am told they’re great as jam with apples or as crumbles or as ‘pate de fruits’. We shall try in a few weeks.



I am hoping to plant a few more fruit trees this autumn. Locals say that they should be planted before 25th November – St Catherine’s day.

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We will be gardening for a while

The problem with our garden is that it’s perfectly exposed so everything (mainly weeds and stinging nettles) just grow well too quickly. The upkeep is going to be time consuming…
IMG_1607 IMG_1608

We came back to that in August.
IMG_1674 IMG_1676


We cleared around the pigshed and uncovered a vine and a coing’s tree.
To protect our fruits, we made a scarecrow.
IMG_1808 IMG_1816 IMG_1819
IMG_1773 IMG_1902


We made a couple of bonfires.

IMG_4679 IMG_1798
that sometimes lasted ’til the night.
IMG_4701 IMG_4705


Some days the kids helped. (kind of). Rhys just likes digging and made a few booby traps along the way.

IMG_1801 IMG_1802 IMG_1803 IMG_1806 IMG_1807

Saf was just interested in finding a new pet.

IMG_1778 IMG_1777


Matt built a washing line with some old scrap metal and I absolutely love it.

IMG_1684 IMG_1686

IMG_1764 IMG_1941