Une belle aventure

Our new life in 'Les Vosges'

The barn which will become the house

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When we first visited the house, we knew that there was some straw. We just thought it was a few bales.
Little did we know how tiring and time consuming that was was going to be.
First step was to clear the left barn, which we would like to convert into bedrooms.

DSCF2676 IMG_1951 IMG_1864 IMG_4856

They also left us a few beds! Great. Throwing all the bit of wood down was pretty fun. Off to the dump minus a few, which we’ll use in the garden.

IMG_1302 IMG_4779

We still need to find a way of taking the plough and the seeding machine down. They weigh a tonne. I wonder why they left them here. Still they’ll be awesome features.

Restoring an old house, allows you to do all kind of work. I find the clearing aspect quite therapeutic and often think of TV programmes from the UK like ‘how clean is your home’ or ‘what’s in the attic’!

Searching for treasures along the way…

IMG_1303 IMG_1869

Check out these treasures:


Matt taking the last of the stuff stored on top of the bedroom.

IMG_2061 IMG_1730

That’s how it was on the top of that bedroom. We had to take 6 windows, a mattress, metal tubs and many boxes of stuff down….



A few of my favourite finds:


I was unsure at first about using those bags, they were so dusty. A few night outside in the rain and they were ready to be used. So useful as rubble sacks, cushions, matts and I am told perfect for gardening. And they even sell for 2€ each at .vide-greniers’.

IMG_2004 IMG_1734 IMG_1731

Ok so those are “Treasures” but where does the rest go. We have been going to Lamarche’s Decheterie on a regular basis, so much so that I know their opening hours by heart (afternoons only, closed Mon & Weds…..)
That trailer is a life saviour.
IMG_1881 IMG_1880


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